Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Jet Charter Service

If you have had enough of all the hassles that come with commercial flights, a jet charter service could be right up your alley. You need to be prepared for a more expensive way to fly. However, the rewards could outweigh the costs. Before you book a private flight, do your homework about important considerations. It’s the best way to give yourself a more positive experience.

Be Clear About Your Expectations

Think about your personal needs when booking your flight. The number of passengers is important. You are getting ready to pay for an entire plane when you go with a private charter company. A small party of only one or two passengers will mean you need a smaller plane. If you are bringing the whole family along for the flight, you’ll need to upgrade to a larger plane.

Learn About the Most Economical Times to Fly

Booking your flight at the right place and time could give you a cheaper flight with a private charter service. If a service is coming into your airport of choice late at night, you might be able to trim down your flight expenses by flying out then. The same could be said of a flight that is extremely early in the morning. Being a flexible flyer could make a difference.

Research Airports that are Available to You

Don’t overlook the savings when you fly in and out of a regional airport. If you are getting ready to book a private jet charter in Chicago, find out if you have other options besides O’Hare International Airport. The Chicago Executive Airport or Lansing Municipal Airport could give you a less stressful experience at departure and arrival times. It could also mean lower out-of-pocket costs for you.

Flying One-Way Could be Best if You are Staying for an Extended Period of Time

Purchasing a roundtrip ticket is the most common option when you are on a commercial plane. It’s also practical when you are taking a private charter and planning on coming back the next day. However, it is costly. The charter service may end up waiting at the airport for you. They’ll be missing out on taking additional passengers. If you know you’ll be away for a longer period of time, consider going one way. You may be surprised at how much less it costs to book another one-way flight when you are ready to return.

Make Sure You Have All of Your Travel Documents

Even though it is less stressful to check in for a private flight, you still need to be prepared with documentation. Always bring your government-issued personal identification, such as your driver’s license. If your private charter is taking you overseas, you’ll need a passport that is up to date. Check-in with your charter service about any other important information you should carry with you. Credit cards and traveler’s checks are always a plus as well. You may want to consider a prepaid credit card to reduce the risk of loss or theft when you arrive at your destination.

Research Your Options for Charter Services

Not all charter services are created equally. You want to fly with a company that has set the bar high when it comes to its standards. Research the qualifications of their pilots. Look at their safety rating for their fleet of aircraft. Find out how much their insurance policy covers. Read testimonials and reviews. Ask questions. Your charter service should have an open-book policy. In other words, they should have no problem with providing public access to information about their company. You should have full confidence in your charter service before you fly.

A private charter service could cost less for you than going first-class or business class on a commercial flight. If you are well-informed before you make any final decisions, you won’t be in for any surprises. It can also help you to be wise with your spending. Don’t forget to ask your charter service about any perks, such as a rewards program. Becoming a member could be the best choice you have ever made if you are a frequent flyer on a private jet.


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