Fearless is going to launch an in-app video game where you control a moving wheel by pedaling


Fearless is moving into the video game business. Today, the company announced its latest idea to get people to use it: an in-app video game tentatively called Lanebreak. The game, which is only available to Peloton bike owners and subscribers, requires drivers to change their pedals and resist to achieve different goals and steer the scroll wheel displayed on the screen. Players can choose the difficulty level, the type of music to listen to, and the duration of the track before starting. The game is not yet available, but the member-only beta will open later this year. Peloton has not shared information about how people can log in.

The atmosphere and interface of the game reminds me of Rainbow Road Mario Kart, trajectory to the universe. It’s about the same in Lanebreak, except that instead of dominating Mario, you pedal on a bike to keep your tires moving and achieve certain goals. There are three types of challenges and ways to earn points: mics, which means that as long as you’re in the lane that the game commands, you’ll earn points; Streams that reward you based on your pedaling; and Breakers, which reward you based on energy production.

I only had the opportunity to test the game once on my bike, and personally I found it boring and confusing to follow, especially compared to the classes run by the teachers. (I did a 10-minute class and counted the seconds until it was over.) However, this feedback also comes from someone who doesn’t play video games and favors Peloton because of the personality and music choices of the different directors. Regardless of the game itself, the idea of ​​a practice game is interesting and suggests that Peloton is open to new types of content. It is also particularly interesting given Netflix’s also a building in-app video games. It seems that both companies see that they need different content products to keep people in their applications for longer.

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