Fenda Audio launches HT-330 soundbar with LED display in India for 9,990 rubles- Technology News, Firstpost


Domestic sound brand Fenda Audio (F&D) has introduced a new soundbar in India called HT-330 Soundbar. The audio product is especially designed for users who listen to music at home or at hosted terrace parties. The HT-330 Soundbar has several connection options that allow people to connect it to any TV, laptop, tab, or smartphone with a single touch. The soundbar has Bluetooth version 5.0 support.

fenda soundbar

Fenda HT-330 Soundbar.

It also has a USB reader with MP3 / WMA dual format decoding, which acts as a second connection option.

The Soundbar is claimed to offer people a “new level of immersive, cinematic sound experience at home” with 80W of power. It also has 6.5mm subwoofers that enhance the bass sound output.

Speaking about the development, Pankaj Kushwaha, Marketing Manager at Fenda Audio, said: “At F&D, we want to offer our customers the best technology and quality at cost-effective prices. Our goal is continuous innovation and the same; we actively pursue our long-term strategy to create high-quality products for every household ”.

The bright LED display of the HT-330 Soundbar has a good viewing angle on the front panel.

The price tag of the Fenda Audio (F&D) HT-330 Soundbar is 9,990 rubles. However, as part of a special introductory offer, those interested can buy an audio product for 7999 rubles.

It is available for purchase on Fenda Audio’s official website in India as well as on all of the country’s leading e-commerce platforms.

On top of all this, the new Fenda Audio soundbar has a 12-month warranty.


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