Fight genocides with reptiles in Reptilian Rising


Have you ever wondered how Robin Hood and Cleopatra deal with raging reptiles from outer space? Not either, but the people at Gregarious Games have thought about it so much that they publish Reptilian Rising, later this year on Steam. See the brand new announcement trailer below …


Inspired by the film’s humor and animation Robot chicken, Reptile rises takes players on a journey over time (minus the police box and Delorean) to fight the raging competition of furious reptile attackers.

Players can assemble a bunch of the best and brightest in human history and command their teams on many battlefields at different times and receive multiple reptile enemies, including the mechanical Manborgs and the three-headed Dictatorsaur.

History must be fought in seven time periods, including the Mesozoic Era, the Classical Era, and the 1980’s Silicon Era, and each player faces new objectives, new environments, new enemies, and the opportunity to recruit new heroes.

Reptile rises features:

  • Time travel on an 80’s board.
  • Fight through seven distinct eras, each with new heroes and enemies.
  • A huge solo story that spans the history of the earth.
  • Save schedules, earn money, and then use it for heroes and upgrades.
  • Recruit legendary heroes like Caesar, Churchill, Robin Hood or Cleopatra.
  • Challenge friends online in PvP.

Reptile rises is going to Steam later this year, but a closed alpha will arrive this summer.

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