Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade releases for Playstation 5


Square Enix has today announced the award-winning release Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade, On Playstation 5. This version of the game has been enhanced and expanded to take advantage of the many benefits offered by the Playstation 5.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade players follow the story of Yuffie Kisarag and her partner Sonon Kusakabe as they begin the mission to infiltrate Midgar. PS5 gamers can immerse themselves in an enhanced and enhanced Midgar with enhanced textures and lighting, as well as a variety of background environments that evoke city life.

This enhanced version of the game allows players to switch between two different setting modes – Graphics Mode, which prioritizes 4K high-resolution graphics, and Performance Mode, which allows smooth operation at 60 frames per second.





Other features of this PS5 version include:

  • Access to PS5 exclusivity Final Fantasy VII Period Interval.
  • Improved textures, backgrounds and lighting.
  • Select Graphics Mode and prioritize 4K high-resolution graphics or Performance mode or smooth operation at 60 frames per second.
  • Capture and share moments with a fully customizable photo mode.
  • Enjoy every battle with the DualSense wireless controller, with its integrated tactics.
  • New difficulty settings in classic mode and discover new ways to play.
  • Optimized download time.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade is available for PS5 now, anyone who has purchased the PS4 version can download the free PS5 console upgrade update.

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