First LEGO ‘Ninjago’ Legacy Reimagined Short Arrives: Golden Legend

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Earlier this year, LEGO teased an upcoming series of five reimagined LEGO Ninjago animated shorts that would celebrate the franchise’s 10th anniversary this year.

The first of those shorts has finally arrived. Dubbed Golden Legend, it runs about three-and-a-half minutes in length and tells an ancient yet visionary story both seemingly familiar yet ultimately unknown to Ninjago fans.

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This short is a collaboration between Ninjago producer and co-creator Tommy Andreasen, Ninjago writers Chris Wyatt and Kevin Burke, and Denmark’s Sun Creature Studio.

You won’t have to wait as long to see what comes next. The second LEGO Ninjago Legacy Reimagined short is scheduled to debut one week from now on Friday, April 30th.

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