Fitbit wearable accessories will soon include snoring tracking


It’s been a terribly quiet time for Fitbit after Google had acquired it, but it looks like the U.S. company is really working on new things. While we’re not talking about a new portable device right now, we’re sure to see another Brandbit brand pretty soon.

For those of you who already have Fitbit smart watch or fitness monitor, new features are expected to come your way in the coming weeks. People 9to5google have just discovered a few unannounced features that Fitbit plans to add to their portable devices through software updates.

The first is calledSnoring and noise detection“And does exactly what can be inferred from the name: it follows snoring sounds by enabling the microphone on your Fitbit. The feature recognizes not only your snoring but also the person next to you. According to a report by 9to5google, the feature works as follows:

  • Volume: We analyze the noise level (how loud or quiet it is) to determine the baseline noise level.
  • Snoring events: We are looking for snoring-specific sounds. When our algorithm detects an event that is louder than the baseline noise level, it performs a calculation to decide if it is snoring or something else. If the noise level in your room is louder than snoring, this feature may not be able to receive snoring.

The problem is that your Fitbit portable device doesn’t differentiate between snoring and the person next to you, so the results are displayed as percentages that tell you how long you’ve been peeling. , your smartwatch is able to detect the noise around your bedroom and rate it on a scale of “very quiet” – “very loud”. Clearly, because these features constantly use the microphone of a portable device, it obviously takes up its battery. Therefore, Fitbit recommends that you charge the device to at least 40 percent before going to bed, and do not make white noise or other ambient sounds during sleep.

Finally, Fitbit is developing another feature calledYour sleeping animal. “Unfortunately, as it is still in its infancy, details of this sleep-related feature are not currently available, although 9to5google found a dozen sleep profiles in Fitbit: restless sleeper, segmented sleeper, shallow sleeper, short sleeper, slow-falling sleepy sleeper, fixed sleeper, short sleeper, Sleeper, Bear, Dolphin, Giraffe, Hummingbird, Kangaroo and Turtle.

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