Pros and Cons of Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin

The floor standing vanity units with basin are a recent trend. These look great in the bathroom and are highly practical for the reason they of adding more practicality. You would agree that there is a growing requirement for storage in the restroom, and without having one, we will have an unorganized and messy restroom. Besides that, your items will be exposed to a humid and damp environment, creating another problem. While there is no doubt that each restroom needs store things, the availability of various designs, styles and types set up another problem. With the popularity of vanity furniture, it flooded the marketplace with different styles of cabinets. But which one should you choose? Depend on various factors, including your budget, personal preference, and space, etc.

Floor Standing Vanity Unit 2022
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But first, you wish have to choose between two major categories of vanities. It is getting a choice among wall mounted suspended style and floor standing storage vanity units. Unless you know their pros and cons, it will not be likely for you to get the right choice. In this article, we are going to explain the difference amongst these two options. 

What is Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin?

These are simply storage capacity furniture or cabinet. It has a worktop sink over it. That becomes a more practical option in utility and aesthetics. The major difference of this style vanity compared to wall hung style storage is that these directly sits on the floor. So, that makes them different in terms of the advantages it has on offer. 

Where Should I Prefer the Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin?

There are no dos and don’t for picking this storage. However, to take full advantage of this storage type, then you will need to take care of a few important things. 

  • Your Bathroom Size Matters. The first thing you should keep in mind is the restroom size and the available space. Freestanding storage furniture is available in all sizes. If you have a cloakroom, then you may prefer a wall-hung style, but slimline freestanding vanities can also be a significant possibility. These are the same as their standard counterparts but a bit more in height with a worktop sink on them. So, decide the size carefully. It should accord to your current and near-future needs. But it is significant that it’s not so big that it generates a problem for other fixtures in the restroom. 

  • Choose Vanity Style Carefully.  The second most important thing would be the chic of your floor standing sink vanity.  People believe that a floor standing design is a classic that is suitable for a traditional design bathroom. But in reality, there are contemporary vanities are also available. A traditional style vanity will be kind of bigger with some sort designing over it.  It is up to you to choose every design you want, but one thing should be in your mind, and that, the design you choose should coordinate with the overall them of the restroom. 

Pros of Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin

There are the following pros or advantages that you can expect from the floor standing vanity units with basin. 

  • When we compare the these with wall hung design, you will realize that unlike the mounted style , the unit’s weight does not matter.  It is because these units sit on the floor, so you don’t need to fix them as floating where you need to be concerned about the weight. 
  • Since freestanding storage furniture is an independent unit, there is no fixing involved other than the connections of the inlet and outlets for the sink. So, no drilling holes in tiles or marble. 
  • Similar to the wall hung vanities, all of your pipes still remain hidden from the sight that gives your bathroom a neater look. 
  • You will use the full height of the vanity unit for storage purposes. 

Cons of Freestanding Vanity Units 

 In comparison to the wall hung units, the freestanding vanities also have a few disadvantages. 

  • Unlike wall-hung storage, these take up space on the floor that may not be great or offer the equal benefit of spaciousness. 
  • Freestanding storage takes more space, is usually bulkier and appear heavier. So, it is becoming a prominent fixture in the bathroom.
  • Since this takes up the space on the floor, the cleaning of the floor will be a problem. 

Final Thoughts about Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin

When it comes to making a choice for floor standing vanity units with basin, you should think about the place where it will fit. Where this storage offers ample storage without the need for wall fixing and independence of moving anywhere you want, a wall hung unit is a stylish, space-saving and luxurious option. You can check the latest fittings and fixtures range at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK 2022

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