Football drama brings a strategic adventure to the Nintendo Switch


Open Lab Games has released a narrative strategy adventure Football drama With Nintendo Switch. Instead of the usual control and play we get for sports Football drama players become managers all the time, not just on the field. Collect cards to create the perfect tactic and take the team to the top.


Football drama puts players in the sheepskin of Calchester’s assembled FC manager Rocco Galliano, where they have to make difficult decisions to train a struggling team. On the side with Karma or chaos while building the perfect deck of cards that will lead to the success or failure of the team.


  • An interactive narrative that changes the game.
  • A turn-based match game with live animations.
  • An 18-week process championship where a billionaire owner can shoot you at any time.
  • Deck construction mechanics are determined by Rocco’s life choices and game results.
  • Ridiculous cards about the crazy aspects of football these days.
  • Deck construction mechanics determined by life options and game results.
  • Illustrated log of each match played.
  • A silly commentator with his obligatory colorful nephew.
  • Repeatable – each championship is unique, with several different endings.
  • Pino Panzarella’s nicely designed interface.
  • Stunning Illustrated Cards and Characters by Daniele Giardini “Demigiant”.



“We don’t think football and its universe make any sense, and the humor we do in both writing and design is a way to express it,” said Pietro Polsinelli, director of Open Lab Games. “One way to understand the paradoxical world of football is to look at it in the form of catharsis. Humor is an effective way to express a paradox and make it something that can affect you. So that’s why we’ve put together the game of football and humor into several dimensions: the story, the commentator’s texts, and the illustrations of the cards and characters.

Football drama is now available from the Nintendo Online Store.


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