Ford made a premium gas fragrance for EV owners who miss the smell of fossil fuels


So you just dropped a cool $ 59,000 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, our own sporty clip of our electronic future, made by a company that can only build them hard (exactly Ford Tough). What happens when you go to engage a new car and forget the smelling expression of chemical y-gasoline coming from inside it? According to Ford, replaced by a “premium fragrance” inspired by gasoline called Mach-Eau.

Mach-Eau – the name doesn’t get better, the more I write it – was born out of a study by Ford Europe that one in five drivers miss the most “smell of petrol” when they switch to an electric car. Naturally want to push more Mach-Es and F-150 flash to the world, Ford settled into the perfume solution. Unfortunately, like Electrek notes, Mach-Eau isn’t for sale, but a pretty vivid description provided by Ford for anyone who wasn’t allowed to smell the scent when it debuted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Ford designed a stylish container for Mach-Eau.
Photo: Ford

Ford and Olfiction, Ford’s fragrance partner at Mach-Eau, resemble gasoline, the scent contains notes reminiscent of almond benzaldehyde, the car’s interior-related odor, and para-Cresol, which gives the tires a rubbery odor. They were further mixed with blue ginger, lavender, geranium, and sandalwood to produce more smoky, metallic, and rubbery notes. The company also included an “animal element” that gave an “impression of horses.” Wonderful.

As someone who has wanted to keep the smell of gasoline, I appreciate my feelings. You don’t have to be on period My strange addiction acknowledges that fuel smells are associated with strong memories that are difficult to avoid. Could I buy a petrol scent if Ford were brave enough to sell it anyway? Just a little.

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