Fortnite, Chapter 2 – Season 7: Invasion arrives


A brand new season has arrived Fortnite continuing the Zero Point story. Number Season 2 7 titled Intrusion, brings with it an alien theme as a mysterious alien invades the island. The imagined order, led by Dr. Slone, fights back and takes chaos to the alien invaders. You can watch the new season trailer below


Unlike previous changes on the island, no significant changes other than the renaming of a few areas can be seen in Season 7, but hovering over the island is a giant UFO. This UFO isn’t the only one buzzing around the island, and players can shoot them down or even capture them. Shot UFOs drop nuts and bolts that can be used in handicraft, transforming normal weapons into a superior weapon, such as turning an assault rifle into an assault rifle.

In addition to the ability to make these much better weapons, the Imagined Order also has a sophisticated weapon to help in combat, including an iron cannon and a flexible pulse rifle, and players can scan the area with the Recon Scanner.




Battle Pass brings with it a bunch of fresh new skins with a terrestrial theme. Rick Sanchez of Rick and the Morty reputation look. Superman also has highly anticipated skin, but he arrives later. Fans will be pleased to hear that there is no need to grind to get a crossover after Epic has brought back Battle Stars, a virtual currency you can earn by playing.

Other characters in the Battle Pass series include Kymera, Sunny, Voyager Sunny Style, Guggimon, Joey, Joey Unzipped, Zyg, Doctor Slone, Battlesuit Slone Style, and Molten Midnight Zyg Style.

Fortnite chapter Season 2 7 – Attack is now running.

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