Frontier Foundry Reveals FAR: Changing Tides


Frontier Foundry and indie developer Okomotive have announced their release FAR: Changing the tide, sequel to the multi-award winning debut ID, FAR: Lonely sails, On PCs and consoles from the end of 2021. This new title expands into the unfriendly world created by Okomotive, but this time takes players to sea. The new notification trailer is shown below …


FAR: Changing the tide swap sand dunes for moving sea waves as players find an abandoned ship they take across a huge ocean toward the horizon in their desperate quest for freedom.

Players enjoy the same fascinating art style and relaxing side-scrolling game as FAR: Lonely sails, as well as listening to a soothing but haunted soundtrack composed by Joel Schoch.



Okomotive ‘s chief designer and founder, Don Schmocker, said: “Reception FAR: Lonely sails was humble knowing that people experienced the same passion as we did for that world, inspired us to build it further Changing the tide. We knew we wanted to tell another but free story that would be familiar to fans but fresh and exciting. “



Frontier Publishing Manager Zac Antonaci said: “The signing of the Okomotive foundry was a great moment for the team here because there is a huge amount of love for FAR: Lonely sails in the studio. What Don and other developers have created Changing the tide is a great sequel to their brand, and we’re excited to be involved in bringing this to fans by leveraging Frontier’s legacy as a developer and publisher. “


FAR: Changing the tide will be released later this year on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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