Galaxy Watch 4 battery size and charge have leaked online


Upcoming and yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has been found on the certification website and more specifically on SGS Fimko’s website, reported by 91Mobiles. The watch has model number SM-R865F and SM-R860. The announcement states that the model has a 247 mAh battery cell.

The upcoming Watch 4 is known to have a 247 mAh battery and a 5 W charge

The certificate reveals that Galaxy Watch The 4 has a 247 mAh battery, which is technically the same size as its predecessor (one 41 mm one). In addition to this, the new smartwatch is known to have a 5 W charge. The data we’re talking about here is probably a smaller 42mm Watch 4.

Little is known about Watch 4 at the moment, except for the operating system, the new operating system: a mix between Google WearOS and Samsung Tizen. We’ve also heard the upcoming smart watch support non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, among other things. The Galaxy Watch 4 is expected to come in two sizes: 42mm and 46mm.

Previously acclaimed leaks have said Watch 4’s release date is expected to take place in the summer at the same time as Z Taita 3 and Z Turn 3. However, the exact date is currently unknown.

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