Galaxy Z Fold 3 supports S Pen Pro according to FCC archives


After many temptations, it looks like the foldable Samsung would finally get support for the S Pen. FC Pen files for S Pen Pro, a larger version of the S-pen with Bluetooth connectivity Samsung announced in January, has been published and one document (PDF) reveals that the upcoming pen will work with the unannounced Galaxy Z Fold 3 (presumably the next device in the Z Fold series).

And it’s not just the Z Fold 3 pen that doesn’t have a release date, but that is set to be achieved this year, apparently supporting the S21 Ultra, Note 20 model and more. For a complete list of devices supported by S Pen Pro in this image, see the archive:

List of devices supported by the S Pen Pro.
Picture: FCC

S Pen Pro support for Z Fold 3 is no big surprise – the company has been hinting at some kind of S Pen support for the fold for some time. During last year’s Unpacked event, Samsung’s mobile phone manager TM Roh said in questions and answers that the company has been “Nice to hear“That people want the S-pen to work with the fold. In a blog post in December, he said the company wanted to bring some of the Galaxy Note’s “most beloved features”. other devices – which probably looks like a wink at the pen holder, which is one of the hallmarks of the Note line. And in January, Roh was even clearer, saying that The company plans to “expand the S Pen experience to other device categories in the future.”

A detailed leak has already shown an unreported phone with a pen: a rendering shared by a major leaker Evan Blass which seems to be the Galaxy Z Fold 3 a new Fold Edition S pen supported next to it. Maybe the Z Fold 3 comes with a Fold Edition pen, while the S Pen Pro is sold separately.

FCC documents released may indicate that the product may be reported shortly after publication. In this case, an official announcement to the S-pen would soon make sense, as Samsung has hosted summer Unpacked events in early August in recent years. Blass has already stated that this year’s event is scheduled for August 11, and will reveal a number of other devices that are is expected to be revealed at the show, including Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, two new Galaxy Watches and new Galaxy Buds.

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