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Are you buying cheap home security cameras? We did the work for you and searched the internet to find a wide variety wireless home surveillance cameras from which you can choose. In addition to listing the best deals, we also include buying tips and address a few common concerns when buying cheap home surveillance cameras below. We also recommend visiting our The best home surveillance cameras for 2020 and The best wireless surveillance cameras for 2020 articles that are updated regularly. Because of the high demand for home surveillance camera deals, we update this article weekly, so check back often!

Today’s best home surveillance camera deals

How to Choose a Cheap Home Surveillance Camera

  • Indoors, outdoors or bothA: If you want cameras both inside and outside your home, you’ll find that most companies make both indoor and outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras are usually water and dust resistant, and usually have more robust mounting devices than indoor cameras. You can always use the outdoor camera indoors, but vice versa.
  • Wired power connection or battery operated: Battery-powered cameras are easier to install, especially outdoors, than cameras that require AC power with a cord. The advantage of wired power connections is that you don’t have to monitor battery life and charge when batteries are low. Some Ring-made home surveillance cameras run on rechargeable batteries, even if they are plugged in because the house is constantly charging the batteries.
  • Video resolution and sharpness range: Resolution refers to the number of pixels or dots that make up an image. On most home systems, 1080p resolution, also called Full HD or FHD, is sufficient, but you can also pay more for 2K or 4K cameras with two to four times the resolution, respectively. Sharpness range usually refers to the width or height of the image taken by the camera. The maximum is 360 degrees or a complete circle. With a fixed camera that doesn’t rotate to follow a moving subject, any depth of field over 100 degrees is pretty good. More is better.
  • Sensors, motion, sound or both: Most home security cameras have motion detection. Some are also activated when they notice a sound. To avoid too many false alarms by blowing leaves, passing cars, and curious squirrels, it’s helpful to adjust motion detection and volume or audio analytics to detect sound.
  • Two-way sound: two-way speech is common with home surveillance cameras. One two-way voice allows one person to speak at a time while listening to another. Full two-sided printing, more reminiscent of natural human speech, allows both parties to speak and listen simultaneously.
  • Storage capacity: Many home surveillance cameras automatically save images and audio / video clips to the cloud. Other cameras use local storage on removable SSD memory cards. The best choice is a camera that supports both cloud storage remotely from anywhere and local storage backup.
  • Saved video entry fees: Cloud recording of video clips is sometimes free, at least for a limited time. Often, there are subscription plans based on the amount of storage space, the number of clips saved, and how long you can use the saved clips. If you want a substantial amount of storage, be sure to check the cloud storage features and prices before purchasing and installing the hardware.
  • Mobile app or Wi-Fi tracking: Most home surveillance cameras send alerts to a mobile app and allow direct streaming and remote access to clips stored in the cloud. Security cameras with Wi-Fi can often be accessed from any computer or device that can access the Internet, usually by entering a username and password.
  • Smart Home Platform Compatibility: The golden standard for smart home platforms for voice commands and voice management is compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Fewer cameras are supported by Apple HomeKit, Siri, IFTTT or other platforms.
  • Integration with other devices of the same brand: If you plan to install other smart security devices, such as video doorbells, smart lights, and DIY smart security systems, be sure to choose smart surveillance cameras that work with other devices. At the very least, you should be able to scan all your devices with the same app or smart home platform.

Do Home Surveillance Cameras Reduce Crime?

Visible surveillance cameras can have a preventative effect, even if they are not connected, in the same way that you sign on your lawn in the name of a security company. When cameras are installed outside of the home in visible but hard-to-reach places, it can also prevent a thief or vandalism. It is better when the surveillance camera is one component of several, including neat, trimmed yards with plenty of lighting and no hiding places.

Does home surveillance cameras have sound?

Most home surveillance cameras have two-way audio, some have a push-to-talk button within reach of visitors, but more often not. Higher quality cameras have enough sound quality and volume to be heard clearly. While cheaper surveillance cameras have one two-way sound – which means you can talk and listen, but only one at a time – two-way sound – both parties can talk and listen at the same time, it’s even better.

Do home surveillance cameras need a Wi-Fi connection?

No. There are home surveillance cameras that connect to the control panel using long cables. Others connect by cable or Bluetooth or other wireless signal to a secondary device that acts as a relay hub that connects to the home network. Most home surveillance cameras today, regardless of price range, can connect to a network or hub via a Wi-Fi connection.

Can home surveillance cameras be hacked?

Like all computer systems, home security cameras can be hacked. However, there are several steps you can take to improve the security of your cameras. These same steps apply to essentially any intelligent system.

  • Protect your home network
  • Change default names and passwords
  • Use unique, hard-to-guess passwords
  • Do not reuse passwords
  • If any part of your smart home system allows guests access, be sure to give guests exclusive codes or passwords.
  • Use a robust password manager
  • Use 2-step authentication when available
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