Gifts for Writers That Are Both Inspirational and Practical!!!

So you have to get a writer a present? Put the latest Best Seller back on the shelf because we’ve found some unique, inspiring, and useful gifts for the wordsmiths in your life. If you’re looking for unique gift ideas for an aspiring writer or a published author in your life, we’ve compiled a list of the finest presents for writers. You can order gifts online and give your loved one’s surprise. 

Candle from the Edgar Allan Poe Library:

The Library Collection is for all the bibliophiles in your lives. We pay homage to well-loved authors by pairing favorite quotations with magnificent perfumes. This is an excellent gift for admirers of fine literature, presented in a gift box with an author photo, bio, and printed labels. Every candle fragrance is a unique blend of notes created to evoke the essence of the author for whom it is named.

Keyboard for a typewriter:

The AZIO Retro Classic is a perfect blend of past, present, and future, inspired by classic typewriters and created with ultramodern features. An illuminated mechanical keyboard with round keycaps that evoke nostalgia, as well as a sturdy Zinc alloy chassis and a sumptuous genuine leather surface.

Toolkit for Writers:

The creative writer’s toolbox is an innovative kit that comprises a 64-page handbook filled with exercises and directions that focus on a “right-brain” approach to writing. It was designed by a longstanding creative writing teacher. There are sixty activities to help you start writing stories, 60 cards to help you describe them creatively, and four spinner palettes to help you come up with unexpected story twists. This package is the ideal initial step on the road to literary glory for any aspiring writer!

Emergency Kit for Writers:

Some of the best writers require help from time to time to get unstuck. Writer Emergency Pack contains the tools you need to break through writer’s block when your story gets stuck. Fill up plot holes and give stock characters a new lease on life. Reconsider your topics. Each of the 26 illustrated cards in the Writer Emergency Pack includes a different idea for getting unstuck. The idea of employing cards to aid writing isn’t new. Writers have historically utilized tarot cards to find meaning in the images, as well as decks like Oblique Strategies, which feature koan-like instructions (“Repetition is a sort of change”). The Writer Emergency Pack contains concepts that are less abstract and more directly applicable.

Thesaurus of Emotions:

One of the most challenging aspects of writing is transmitting emotion to the reader in a unique and captivating way. We often grab the first thought that comes to mind while expressing our characters’ emotions, and our characters wind up smiling, shrugging, nodding, and frowning much too much. Do you need some motivation to go beyond the basics? There are 75 emotion entries in The Emotion Thesaurus, each with a collection of body language, ideas, and visceral responses.

Sign that says “Do Not Disturb”:

It’s sometimes necessary to be left alone in order to write. Your room is a haven for you. So use one of these handy door hangers to mark your area. The design is impossible to miss, and it will effectively communicate your message to passers-by. These hangers are made of 3.5′′ x 9.5′′ thick sturdy plastic that is printed on one side with UV- and water-resistant inks and may be used indoors or out. The hole is universal, accommodating all standard door knobs.

Journal with a Name:

This personalized classic leather journal-style notebook is ideal for jotting down quick ideas, creative writing, and general note-taking. It’s easy to pack in your luggage and take anyplace thanks to the robust covers and various sizes. It’s a thoughtful and personal gift for a friend or loved one, or even for yourself, thanks to the brilliant colors and lovely designs.

Set of Fountain Pens:

Parker IM Fountain Pens combine dazzling, polished aesthetics with a slim tapered profile to provide a stylistically reliable writing partner. These Parker fountain pens are available in a variety of creative finishes and have a timeless charm. The executive pens feature a comfortable design and a long-lasting stainless steel nib with the ideal writing angle. It also comes with a set of ink refills, a converter, and a cleaning cloth as a gift.

Kit for binding books:

Begin your book binding studies with simple projects that do not necessitate the use of a lot of equipment and instruments. The smooth surface, made of durable genuine bone, will not harm your paper. It’s ideal for beginners and newcomers who want to learn bookbinding or utilize it professionally. You can send valentine gifts online and make someone’s day by giving them amazing gifts.

Wall Art of Benjamin Franklin:

“Either write things worth reading or accomplish things worth the writing,” says Benjamin Franklin in this floating translucent frame. All Floating Quotes are professionally printed on transparency film, framed in an attractive 810 or 1114 black frame, and housed between two pieces of glass. The artwork’s black is visible, and the rest is transparent. When hanging on the wall, this casts a nice shadow. For convenient hanging, a sawtooth hanger has been fitted.

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