Gigabyte releases its first CMP 30HX Miner Card with Three-month Warranty

The wave of the miner card has started as Gigabyte released its first CMP 30HX graphics card. It is pretty interesting that the mining card only comes with three months of warranty. The card doesn’t have any display outputs, and its card’s 3-month warranty might be a tough sell for Nvidia.

Nvidia releases its latest CMP 30HX graphics card based on TU116 GPU.

The Gigabyte CMP 30HX B6 6G is the first mining graphics card released today. It is based on Nvidia’s TU116 graphics processor clocked at 1785 MHz and 6 GB of DDR6 memory sitting on the 192-bit bus. Sound familiar? Yes, it is the same board as the GTX 1660 Ti. The card draws 125W with the single eight-pin connector.

Gigabyte CMP D6 Power connector

Gigabyte focuses on maximizing the performance and lifespan of the graphics card. The Windforce 2X cooling system aims at durability with its aluminum radiator and composite heat pipe. The dual fans spin in opposite exhausting hot air above the card. The cooling system is excellent considering that the graphics card runs 24/7; the cooling solution fits the whole mining card very well.

Gigabyte G6 exhaust

But the CMP 30HX has three months of warranty. That alone should lower the value of the mining cards, and the card’s value will go down a lot. Miners usually aim for gaming graphics cards for their resell value. The graphics cards have video output and still retain the same gaming performance even after strenuous use.

But it might not be the same case for the EU continent. The EU law mandates a two-year warranty on electronics meaning the miner cards might receive the same treatment as the regular cards.

Gigabyte G6 Front

Nvidia has more miner cards to be released this year. The company has been focusing on releasing miner cards to alleviate the burden on the graphics card. Currently, most of the graphics cards are out of stock, and the ones available are atrociously priced. But we have to wait for the silicon shortage to sort out.

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