Gigabyte replaces “explosive” power supplies included with Newegg RTX 30 series cards


Gigabyte provides a return and exchange service for its two power supplies (PSUs) as the products have exploded or functioned. PSU inspector Aristeidis Bitziopoulos and Players Nexus Both found that Gigabyte’s GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM models could fail catastrophically, with some sparking and others coming dead out of the box. These models had undergone many negative reviews of Newegg and were previously part of a forced bundle of RTX 30 series cards.

After spending months testing two power supplies, the Gamers Nexus found a surprising amount of bugs. Of the power supplies that Gamers Nexus purchased or purchased from YouTube viewers, 50 percent of the GP-P750GM failed. The Gamers Nexus even managed to bake a Gigabyte RTX 3080 card during the test, although it’s not clear if this was directly related to a power supply failure or not.

Gigabyte is responded to the findings (noticed Kotaku), but at the same time they doubt them. “Third parties have made us aware of concerns about potential problems with high-power GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM launches when tested with DC Electronic Load equipment for a long time repeatedly near an OPP launch point of 120 to 150 percent,” says a Gigabyte spokesperson. “This extended testing can significantly shorten the life of the product and components on the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM.”

The tripping point of the overcurrent protection (OPP) is the protection of the power supply, which is activated when you draw more power from the power supply than its rated capacity. Gigabyte claims that critics have repeatedly “pressured” the “load” for long periods of time, but Gamers Nexus has responded in a video called “Gigabyte twists the truth about explosive power supplies in a dangerous way.” Gamers Nexus claims that it fired the OPP only once when testing each power supply, and that this should not be enough for the power supply to fail.

Gigabyte now adjusts the OPP trigger point of both the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM. The 750 W model has also been reduced to an OPP trip limit of up to 925 watts, which is much less than the previous 1125 W limit. Gigabyte also provides a return and exchange service for the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM, more information on the Gigabyte website.

It has taken more than six months for Gigabyte to respond to several error messages and bad reviews on Newegg. The response does not look good to Gigabyte, who could have sent a reminder and worked closely with the expert evaluators instead of doubting their findings. Problems arose when power supplies were used in Newegg bundles with RTX 30 series cards when people desperately bought a new graphics processor and also had to buy a power supply that some reviewers have considered “for sale”. “

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