Godzilla vs. Kong is now running in the World of Warships


Wargaming is teamed up with Warner Bros. With Pictures and Legendary Pictures, celebrated the release of the action adventure film Godzilla vs. Kong exclusive, time-limited event The world of warships and The World of Warships: Legendswhich is running as we speak. The event, which runs until the end of May, will allow players to fight alongside these titans with their own theme. The new trailer for this event is shown below …


This epic heavy sea battle allows players to take part in a new chain of combat missions and unlock it all players need to choose a side, Team Godzilla or Team Kong. Each stage completed in the submission phase rewards players with two Ultimate Guardian or Ultimate Titan camouflages, with those who complete the chain offering one King Container prize. This chain is available for Random, Ranked, and Co-op battles, as well as operations playing Tier VX ships.

Players can purchase three different theme bundles. Kong: Primordial Rage features a unique Commander Kong with 10 usable skill points and a unique sound, the USS North Carolina with permanent Primal camouflage, a commemorative flag and themed camouflage. While those who join with Godzilla can choose the Godzilla: Apex Monster package and get Commander Godzilla, again with 10 skill points and a unique voice, the Japanese Amagi battleship Heat Ray with permanent camouflage, memorial flag and themed camouflage. Those who can’t figure out which team to fight for can opt for the Large Pack and get both.

This limited time event will run until the end of May.


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