Good Apple, Google and Facebook, enough of this style

Good Apple, Google and Facebook, enough of this style

Like Apple’s WWDC 2021 event closes, here’s something that’s been on my mind since I last visited the App Store iPad. I’ve talked about it with a lot of different people and it’s mostly unanimous – no one likes art style the most technical giants like Apple You know, when you open the App Store on your iPhone and see a weird-looking, wild disproportionate human figure in this block of apps? Or are you just looking for something in the Facebook Help Center and seeing the exact same vector-based shallow details? Alternatively, you might be interested in checking out what Google’s Android-YouTube account is all about, and… Yep, you see the disproportionate human figures in exactly the same low detail.

The whole Silicon Valley uses the same (often unpleasant) art style

And we have the exhibitions above. The top left corner is what I saw recently in the Apple App Store – a person with a strangely small face but huge arms. But what about Google? The image above was taken from Android YouTube channel, although this style of art appears in many videos and Android-related pages.

YouTube itself also often uses such graphics in the channel dashboard. What about Facebook and its bulging characters with weird little heads? Finally, in the Microsoft Account section, we see a very similar basic style of art.

Wow, all those giants definitely have their own unique identities!

That’s pretty surprising, especially when it comes to Google and Apple, for example, because their phone operating systems are quite different from a visual design perspective. Apple’s iOS uses blur and shadow effects throughout the interface, while Google’s Android uses solid colors, not shading. You would think that these differences in design language also apply to the style in which these two companies draw us – their users.

So yes, it’s almost like we can’t escape this art style. And if you never noticed anything about it, I bet you can no longer notice it now! (Sorry.)

“But come on, it’s kind of cute, simple and universal!”

Well, is it? No one I asked will find Apple or Google’s art cute or stylish, and I bet most kids are literally afraid to see such disproportionate human figures. In fact, I heard my young nieces using the iPad all the time. They find what the App Store sometimes has to show to be a little scary.

Even fair, Shrek’s donkey scares one niece, so big limbs, big teeth, all that would be no-no. Apple wants to be kid and family friendly, right? So what belongs to this art direction? Why not go for the Memoji art style that Apple uses for WWDC? It looks much better, check it out:

Instead, you go to the App Store and see something like this most of the time:

Be honest, what do you think?

You are also a user of these companies’ products. You also see it all the time. Tell us what you think of the simplified, weird relative art style we showed above, used by most technical giants. Do I find it relatively pleasant, simple, and non-threatening as it is meant to be? Or do you find it disgusting?

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