“Good night” or “going to bed”, Alexa routines now support multiple sentences


Alexa routines can now be started using a number of custom phrases that make it easier for every household to start smart home automations without having to remember the exact wording (through AFTV News).

For example, instead of having to remember to say “Alexa, good night” to start a night schedule that locks the doors and turns off the lights, you can now specify other phrases like “Alexa, going to bed” or “Alexa, night.” You can even add “Alexa, Bonne nuit ‘for the same routine please Amazon support for multilingual households. Up to seven custom expressions can be assigned to the same routine.

It’s a small but welcome change for smart homes built around Alexa. It follows a big week for Alexa, where we saw it get a masculine voice option and a huge developer push drive Alexa expansion more than 140,000 smart devices where the surrounding assistant currently resides.

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