Google and Apple are getting a new investigation into anti-competitive practices, this time from the UK


Google and Apple are getting a new anti-competitive investigation, this time from the UK

Recently, European countries have investigated and highlighted areas of risk for anti-competitive behavior in the practices of large technology giants. After the European Commission preliminary report on anti-competitive practices earlier this month, The United Kingdom is launching a similar investigation into Apple and Google, 9to5Mac reports.

The Competition and Market Authority (CMA) is investigating Apple and Google

British watchdog CMA has now focused its researching eyes on Apple and Google ‘s duopoly on mobile systems. The group analyzes the impact and governance of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems.

Earlier this year, the same organization has launched an investigation into Apple’s App Store rules and whether they were unfairly favorable to Apple’s own apps instead of being treated equally.

The group stresses that due to these anti-competitive practices and the duopoly of Apple and Google, customers on mobile platforms may lose out. The App Store and Google Play Store are described as gateways to a wide variety of products and services, including music, TV and video streaming, shopping, banking, and fitness services.

The report also mentions smart watches, smart speakers and smart home technology.

The CMA states that it has initiated this investigation based on concerns about whether such practices may stifle competition from other companies and whether this lack of competition may reduce innovation or make customers pay more for applications, products and services.

Andrea Coscelli, CEO of the organization, noted that an ongoing CMA investigation has revealed some “worrying trends” that could hurt customers if they continue to be monitored. The results of the study will determine what future plans need to be made to address the problem if such an issue is confirmed.

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