Google announces new Google Meet features, improved integration


At its annual Google I / O event, Google has just announced that we plan to see awesome enhanced integration across Google Workspace applications.

Largely due to the current pandemic and millions of employees having to work, meet and perform online all over the world, Google is focused on improving the experience of these interactions by adding new welcome new features.

Smart Fabric brings a fundamentally new and revamped Google app experience that will help Google significantly improve team collaboration on Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

First, Smart Canvas adds new assisted writing features that provide writing suggestions that go beyond grammatical correction. These improved language suggestions analyze writing at a deeper semantic level and seek to avoid politically incorrect sentences and similar faux passports.

Google also integrates Google Meet directly with its other collaborative applications, namely Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. From now on, we’ll see a Google Meet icon in the top right corner of these three app windows, so you can quickly and easily make a direct call to Doc, Sheet, or Slide without skipping a beat.

Google Workspace also gets a new interactive voting table feature, pictured below. This makes it easier to create things like surveys in a collaboration team and checks which ideas are most popular in the form of a thumb of direct sounds propagating to the right.

Google Meet in particular gets a new feature called Companion Mode, in addition to integrating it with other Workspace applications. To facilitate larger handheld video conferencing calls, Companion Mode gives each participant their own video screen, regardless of whether they are in the same office space.

Everyone can create their own annotations to queries, discussions, and questions in real time during a video call on the right side of the screen without ever losing eye contact with other teammates. Unlike other features currently in use, we can expect Companion Mode to launch later this year, according to Google.

In addition, Google’s healing artificial intelligence brings noise reduction to Google Meet, which is sure to make group calls in meeting rooms much smoother as office space starts to fill up over time.

Google Meet also receives automatic lighting and zoom adjustments for faces participating in a group call to achieve a more universal look and ensure everyone is heard and focused.

Customized views are another addition to Google Meet, which allows the presenter to move and rearrange people’s faces as they speak, allowing them to keep eye contact with their viewers and see their reactions – while their presentation is on screen.

Live subtitles can now also be enabled at the bottom of the Google Meet screen and can make a video call in real time. The text can be translated directly using Google Translate for all viewers who speak a different language.

Google promises that the fully integrated Smart Canvas experience in Google Workspace will be available to the masses in the near future, so stay tuned!


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