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Google Assistant is said to have a new Settings menu for your apps that allows users to choose from two action settings, allowing users to customize how the voice assistant interacts with each app. This new My Apps option will be published in the Google Assistant settings list. Separately, Google is also working to bring a visual interface update to make it more colorful. This color scheme is likely to change according to the light or dark theme that your phone defaults to.

9to5Google reports new Your New App menu Google Assistant allows you to control the operation of the Assistant with installed applications. Users can choose from two settings for each application that appears in this new list. The first option is called “Let the Assistant learn about this app,” and this option gives the user a more personal experience by giving Google Assistant access to and learning about usage information for this app. Another option is called “Let the assistant choose this app,” and this option allows Google Assistant to send a request to this app when you ask for something that this app can do, even if you don’t say the app’s name. The report says these two options are enabled by default, and the apps that appear in this list are Google Chrome and Snapseed. We weren’t able to spot the new menu, but we can expect it to be released in the coming days.

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Google Assistant to get a colorful interface
Photo Credit: XDA Developers

Meanwhile, XDA developers Matthew Pirszel naked a new colorful interface for Google Assistant. He was able to deploy it on a Sony Xperia phone with Android 11, but was unable to do the same on Pixel 4. The user interface is said to change colors based on the light or dark theme set on the phone. Google uses a green theme, and the hint feels like these colors are simply placeholders for Android 12’s wallpaper-based “many” theme system. This system automatically changes the background and highlight color of notifications in the Quick Settings based on the predominant color of the wallpaper, and the same may drip on a change in the Google Assistant interface.

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