Google Assistant introduces a new feature for finding a lost iPhone


Technology giant Google has announced new features coming to Google Assistant on Thursday, and the most important feature is – finding a lost iPhone.

For a while now iPhone users have found their smartphones using Find My. To find a lost iPhone, Siri integration is also included, so you can just ask your assistant where your iPhone is and it will tension your device with a beep that even bypasses Do not disturb even when it is in use.

Exactly the same feature is coming Google Assistant, according to Google.

Inside something blog post shared Google Assistant Product Management Director Lilian Rincon, Rincon said: “You can tell Nest smart speaker or smart screen “Hello Google, find my phone” for all devices, now also for iPhone models. For iPhone devices after receiving notifications and receiving critical notifications Google Home application, you are notified and you hear a custom ringing tone (even if the phone is silent or if Do not disturb is activated). “

One massive downside is that the user can ping the phone with Google Assistant, but it doesn’t show up on the map like Find My. Nevertheless, if someone loses their iPhone in personal mode, it’s a great way to find it and reconnect it.

An iPhone user can ask Google Assistant to find the phone on any platform, be it a speaker, one of the new Chromecast equipment or even Android tablet. It’s important that the Google Home app is installed on your iPhone and signed in to your account for this to work.

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