Google bundles three months of HBO Max with Chromecast for $ 64.99

Google has started sell a new bundle which gives you first-class entertainment with your company Chromecast streaming device. For $ 64.99, you get both a Chromecast on Google TV and a three-month HBO Max. The retail price of the device is usually $ 49.99 and the ad-free level of HBO Max costs $ 14.99 per month, so you get basically two months of service for free.

As usual in things like this, the deal is only available to new HBO Max subscribers; current customers are out of luck. Google is offering the bundle today from scratch and will be available for the rest of the year. The company limits each customer / Google account to three devices, but it’s not like you can stack an HBO Max offer, so there’s not much reason to buy more than one.

Google also continues to offer a bundle of Chromecast and Netflix for $ 84.99. This combination includes six months of Netflix’s standard dual-monitor streaming plan. It seems strange that the HBO Max contract is only available on a white Chromecast, but a Netflix bundle is also available in pink and blue.

The 2020 Chromecast is still ours favorite streaming device, thanks to Google TV’s great recommendations and solid app support. And the company will continue to refine this experience; after adding child profiles a few months ago, this week, Google added an option clear the content manually from the “keep watching” line, which can sometimes show your already completed programs and movies.

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