Google fined $ 592 million in dispute with French publishers, technology giant ‘very disappointed’ with decision – Technology News, Firstpost


The French competition authority announced on Tuesday that it has fined Google € 500 million ($ 592 million) for a dispute with French publishers who want the company to pay for the use of its news.

The agency threatened another € 900,000 (about $ 1 million) in fines a day if Google didn’t come up with proposals within two months on how to compensate news producers.

Google France said in a statement that it was “very disappointed” with the decision and that the fine “does not reflect the efforts made or the actual use of news content on our platform”. It said it was negotiating in good faith to find a solution and on the verge of reaching an agreement with some publishers.

Photo: AP

Photo: AP

The controversy is part of the European Union’s wider effort to force Google and other technology companies to compensate publishers for content.

Earlier this year, the French competition authority had given Google interim orders to negotiate with news publishers within three months and fine the company on Tuesday for violating those orders.

The French and European competition authorities have repeatedly targeted Google at various corporate activities that are considered to be abusing their market position.


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