Google I / O 2021: Google appears to have verified at least one product bulletin


Google had been bullied before hardware notifications to the upcoming Google I / O Developer Conference in 2021, and though we probably won’t see it Pixel Figure 5a, Mountain View’s recent online operations refer to the rumored Pixel Buds A-Series.

Earlier in the day, in German Cashys blog I came across an ad from the German Google Store about the Pixel Buds A series. The site says the link just led them to the home page, which means it’s not live yet.

As if the ad isn’t enough to show an upcoming announcement, a tweet sent today from an official Android account said the buds are now available.

Although the tweet was removed soon after, it was there long enough Droid life take it into account (and screenshot).

Pixel loops A is believed to be a watered down version of Pixel Buds.

This is an evolving story …


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