Google I / O 2021: Rumors, News, and Announcements


Since Google I / O was completely canceled last year due to COVID-19, this year’s celebration – which is available online for anyone who wants to watch – is sure to be festive. Today’s two-hour event will feature a a full treasure chest of new hardware and software.

Of course, nothing is certain about Google, but it’s likely that we’ll get information about the latest version of its operating system, Android 12. (There have already been developer previews.) This can be very interesting after rumors that some major interface changes are at work. We are also looking for the long awaited Pixel Buds A-series and custom processor for Pixel phones. We might even get a preview of the Pixel 5A – and who knows? Google may have some other surprises.

We watch live and keep you up to date on everything Google announces.


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