Google introduces an artificial intelligence tool that diagnoses skin diseases

At Google I / O the company introduced a web-based feature for smartphones to help diagnose skin conditions. The feature uses artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) to detect dermatological conditions. The company also announced its plans for doctors to use artificial intelligence to diagnose breast cancer and tuberculosis.

Previously, Google shared a preview of the artificial intelligence dermatology tool, and now the official version is ready. The tool is native to Google search, and take three different images from different parts of your body with your phone’s camera. The tool works not only with the dermatological conditions of the skin, but also of the nails and hair.

Once you have taken a picture of that area of ​​the body, you will be asked a few questions about the tool itself. These questions take into account your skin type, how long you have had the problem and if you have any other symptoms. This will help the AI ​​tool in your diagnosis: the tool will display information about each similar condition and photo samples, as well as official information from a dermatologist. It has a database of 280 dermatologicals. It also uses many of the same techniques used to detect diabetic eye disease and lung cancer on CT scans.

Google says that diagnosing the tool is just a suggestion and is intended to give you more information. You should still see a doctor if you have any problems. According to the company, they see about ten billion Google searches every year for skin, hair and nail conditions. Two billion people worldwide suffer from such problems. A new artificial intelligence tool for dermatology will be available for the first time in the EU later this year. It has passed clinical validation and is listed as a Class I medical device in the EU, but not yet in the US.

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