Google is apparently preparing a new Pixel stand with fans for the Pixel 6


Google is apparently preparing a new Pixel stand with fans for the Pixel 6

Google may publish a new one Pixel Stand to go Pixel 6, per new report 9to5Google.

The publication seems to have found evidence Android 12 Beta 2 a code indicating a device with a fan, presumably a wireless charging stand. The code name of the device is “Luxuryliner”, and this further indicates that it is a new wireless charger, given that Pixel bar Released in 2018, Google is codenamed “Dreamliner.”
This first generation Pixel Stand has been Google’s only official wireless charger Pixel 3 and is long overdue for the update. Its maximum power is 10 W, and the supposed inclusion of fans in a future version means that it will be able to charge at a much higher speed and can warm up.

It’s not uncommon for smartphone companies to equip wireless chargers with fans, and adding the feature may not guarantee more power, given that some Samsung chargers that deliver less than 10W also have fans.

The second generation Pixel Stand has several profiles

It seems that the second generation Pixel Stand offers profiles for different applications by adjusting the fan speed and the number of running fans accordingly. For example, when “Hello Google” is spoken, the fans will be muted for a moment so that the device hears your voice commands.

Fans will be silent when you use Google Recorder to charge your smartphone and record a conversation at the same time. This profile is also activated when the Pixel phone is placed in sleep mode.

Obviously, you can also change the Pixel 6 charging cradle settings between “Auto”, “Quiet” and “Power Boost” manually. The last mode makes the fans spin faster, presumably to stay at peak charging power.

The current Pixel Stand supports more than just charging – it can turn your Pixel phone into a digital Google Photos frame, an alarm clock and a Nest camera monitor. Although the hardware has not been updated so far, the charger has gained new features through software updates. Most recently, in March 2021, a bedtime-like feature was introduced for Pixel Stand owners.

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