Google is closing its Android Auto mobile app in favor of Google Assistant


Google has confirmed that it will close the standalone Android Auto for Phone Screens app on Android 12. Instead, anyone who wants a driver-friendly interface for their Android phone should use it Google Assistant driving mode, which is available on Google Maps, or the Android Auto interface, which is available on select cars.

“For those who use the phone experience (Android Auto mobile app), they will be put into Google Assistant driving mode,” Google said in a statement. “Starting with Android 12, Google Assistant’s driving mode is a built-in mobile experience. We currently have no other details to share. “Google says the experience won’t change for anyone who uses Android Car in compatible cars.

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Google’s confirmation came later XDA developers reported that some users saw a message in the Android Auto for Phone Screens app saying that the service is now only available for car screens and pointed phone users to Google Assistant as a replacement for driving mode. Meanwhile, 9to5Google reports that the Android Auto for Phone Screens app now says it is incompatible with Pixel devices with Android 12.

The app history of Android Car is a bit confusing, but this is a move that has taken a long time. The story began in 2019 when Google decided builds most Android Car features into Android 10 as a system-level feature and stop using a previously downloaded application. It’s suitable for anyone with an Android Auto-compatible car, but anyone with an older vehicle would have lost access directly to the driving interface on their phone. Bad times.

Google’s plan for these users was new Google Assistant driving mode, but this software was delayed, and although it was announced in 2019, it only started was introduced at the end of last year (it will be later expanded internationally). This meant that Google needed an effective stop action, and it was strictly called Android Auto for Phone Screens has been born. LimitDieter Bohn did great overview of the situation in 2019 if you want to learn more.

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