Google is confusing Sharedria, blocking third-party distribution apps starting on Android 12


Google has allowed Android users to edit the distribution form on their phones. This explains why the Android Handbook is not as consistent as it could be. For those who want to have a more cohesive sharing experience, third-party apps like Sharedr can be set as the default stock instead of the Android version.
Take a minute to explain what a stock book is to those who are unfamiliar with this term. Whenever you share something on your phone and tap the appropriate button, the page has several options to choose from. It’s a stock book.
As stated XDA developers, Google does not wish to share stock book obligations with a third-party application and will not start on Android 12. Sharedr found this in the most embarrassing ways. The latter filed a notice for AOSP bug tracking, complaining that its stock interface did not display a prompt that allowed users to choose between a stored version of Android and Sharedr, and the latter did not open at all, forcing the use of the official Android distribution form.

Google responded to the request by stating that the above was an intended activity. In other words, Google no longer allowed Sharedr to be used as a replacement for the official Android distribution form, but Sharedr did not know it until Google responded to the bug tracking. We have to assume that Google wants a more unified experience for Android users when it comes to data sharing.

Google says, “We never intended to let apps replace the sharing dialog. The intention is for apps to launch the sharing dialog. Also, replacing the sharing window is still impossible – direct sharing could not be implemented as part of the interface, nor personal or work profile tabs in R (Android 12), etc. It’s not just that that would allow applications to be replaced. “

It is not clear whether the new restriction will also force phone manufacturers, such as Samsung away from creating your own share register.

We have a couple of things to say. If you have Android 11 or older, you can still use Sharedr instead of the Android stock. And starting with Android 12, Sharedr and other Sharesheet options can be used, but only if, for example, you select Sharedr’s default Android distribution form and then select an item to receive the information you share.

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