Google is reducing Stadia’s revenue share in an attempt to attract developers


Google is reviewing how much cut it needs from Stadia games to offer to attract more developers. As of October 1, Google will export 15 percent of sales to as much as $ 3 million by the end of 2023.

With the change, Google seems to be trying to make its cloud gaming platform a more attractive option for developers – a proposal that is likely to become much more difficult after the company closed their own house studios. Google has also tried to offer exclusive games in an attempt to bring developers on board (which presumably cost significant sums to acquire), but many of these games has since been published on other platforms.

The news comes when producer shares between developers and platform holders have come under intense scrutiny late. Google’s change with Stadia is not the first it has recently made for its stores: the company reduced the Play Store cut to 15 percent on the developer’s first $ 1 million in annual revenue in March. This move followed a similar announcement made by Apple in November that developers earning less than $ 1 million a year on the App Store would be eligible for the program where Apple would take a 15 percent cut in its revenue instead of the usual 30 percent fee.

Tuesday’s news was announced Google for Games Developer Summit. As part of the event, Google announced Monday that Android 12 will give you play games while downloading them.

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