Google is releasing a new feature that allows Roku users to use YouTube TV


Albeit Negotiations between Google and Roku The dismantling of YouTube TV licenses failed, with companies still trying to move forward in a race that is doomed to be winners. After accusing Google of itmonopoly power tries to force terms that harm streamingRoku decided to remove YouTube TV from its platformIt looks like Roku’s decision didn’t go unanswered because Google counterattacked with his own move. Search giant introduced a new feature This will give all Roku users access to YouTube TV, even though the app was pulled out last week.

But how is that even possible? The answer is pretty simple because Google found an ingenious solution. Basically, users can now access YouTube TV with a clickGo to YouTube TV“In the main YouTube app. The latest YouTube update integrates YouTube TV to the base application so that all Roku users can reuse it.

The update will be available to all YouTube TV members on Roku in the coming days and will expand over time to as many devices as possible. Along with the new update, Google revealed how negotiations with Roku are going.

On top of that Google Is “in ongoing, long-term discussions“With Roku to verify that the new equipment meets its technical requirements. We’ll probably hear from both companies pretty soon because they’re not even close to the grave.


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