Google kicks off sugar intelligence apps from the Play Store


“Sugar dating” apps will not be allowed on the Android Play Store as of September 1, Google has announced as part of a series of policy changes platform. The change that was announced for the first time Android police, explicitly prohibits applications related to “reimbursable sex”. Other changes to the platform include a new fight against passive developer accounts, Google says.

Traditionally, sugar-dating relationships involve older, wealthier people who date and spray younger partners with gifts. Like Android police notes that there is no shortage of apps in the Play Store designed to create “sugar daddy” relationships. None of them explicitly say that older men are expected to compensate younger women for their affection, but many emphasize men’s wealth in their service.

Google Play Store Policies already denied applications that advertise “services that could be construed as providing sexual acts as compensation.” But updated wording extend this definition to explicitly include “compensated dating or sexual arrangements in which one participant is expected or expected to provide money, gifts or financial support to another participant (” sugar receipt “).”

Google’s notice does not explicitly state why apps are banned now. But it happens in the middle of robbed online sex work from the beginning after the ships FOSTA-SESTA legislation In the United States in 2018, removing Section 230 protection from content that “promotes or facilitates prostitution.” A Google representative did not respond immediately to the comment request.

In addition to the rule changes in the dating app, the search giant also introduces a new policy that allows it to delete developer accounts if they have remained inactive for a year. Google says it makes exceptions for accounts behind more than a thousand installations or in-app purchases of the latest apps, but if a developer hasn’t downloaded an app or signed in to the Google Play Console within 12 months, their account is at risk of deletion. Inside something a video describing the change, Google says it will notify developers of an impending removal 60, 30 and 7 days before it happens.

The policy updates also provide additional information about changes previously announced by Google Play Trade Spam and prohibiting the use of promotional codes. It will update its store listing and promotion policy on September 29 to ban spam text and graphics in app titles, icons, and developer names, and its advertising policy will be updated to reflect changes to the ad ID on October 4.

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