Google lets you opt out of app tracking just like Apple


With iOS 14.5 Apple introduced the option to opt out of ad tracking, which some companies, like Facebook, tend to disagree with. However, it happened despite Facebook and other companies taking care that it would damage their advertising business. And now, Bloomberg reports that Google is designed with a similar feature for Android phones as well.

Google will let you turn off tracking completely on your Android phone

Google’s approach differs from Apple’s in disabling ad tracking. While on an iPhone with iOS 14.5 or later, you can use the “Ask the app not to track” button for certain apps you don’t want to track the places you visit online, Google reportedly has a switch that allows you to turn off tracking completely. You won’t see a pop-up for every single application, and you won’t be able to manage individual applications, but you can refuse all monitoring altogether, for all applications in your phone.

This option will be part of the Google Play service update in late 2021. It actually consists of removing the ad ID for users who have been disabled, so advertisers cannot use it to send personalized ads to you.

Earlier, it was reported that Google was reluctant to bring this feature to Android phones due to the results it could bring to its own advertising business. However, Google now seems determined to follow Apple’s example.

Later this year, the new change will be phased in by upgrading Google Play services, and Android 12 devices supporting Google Play could benefit from it in early 2022.

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