Google makes it easy to find Wear OS apps in the Play Store


As we approach the release of Google and Samsung common smartwatch operating system later this year, Google today unveiled some new Play Store enhancements that make it easier for customers to find and download apps to their Wear OS devices.

The company will speed up the process of retrieving and installing smart watch apps on your Android phone immediately. There are new filters that are activated when you add a “watch” or “clock face” to a Play Store search query. Based on this post, it sounds like Google is also working to highlight the best and most useful wrist apps with more curated collections, in the Wear OS and watchfaces sections named Play Store.

Google makes it easy to find and install Wear OS apps on your Android phone.
Image: Google

The Play Store experience for smart watches will also be refined and simplified. Google says it’s based now Material You“And better suited to‘ a small area of ​​a dial ’. Easy-to-tap cards are becoming more prominent in this version of the Play Store.

The revamped Play Store Wear operating system is better optimized for smart watch displays.
Image: Google

In cases where you want to make an in-app purchase, “The Play Store now reliably prompts you to open a purchase page on your Android phone or open a URL in a web browser to make a payment easily.”

Google says these improvements will come to the Play Store on both Wear OS and Android on the usual, vague schedule of the “coming weeks” that technology companies love so much. Although they will first arrive at Wear OS, improvements to discoverability and browsing applications should ultimately also benefit the new operating system that Google and Samsung are working on together. Samsung has announced the release of the first consumer product using the software, known only as “Wear,” later this year. Company recently previewed what the interface looks like with their new generation Galaxy smartwatches.

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