Google Photos introduces Locked Folder to protect your sensitive photos


We’re about to see a brand new feature in Google Photos that allows us to create locked, password-protected photo folders for smartphones. While Google can’t exactly be considered the world’s great defender of privacy, this new Locked Folder feature – just announced at their live Google I / O 2021 event – could certainly be a welcome improvement over Google Images.

We all know the feeling of going to our friend or family member on our phone to show them a cute photo or meme that we’ve saved in your gallery, and before you know it, they start scrolling backwards on the image timeline. Most of us have probably experienced that moment of panic and wondered when a friend might come across a private image we have forgotten to delete, or simply something we would like to keep to ourselves.
Google is working to eliminate this risk with a new ability to protect personal photos by placing them in this new “secret” album, hidden from view and securely password-protected.

The locked folder doesn’t appear openly with other Google Photos (or any other app). Instead, it can only be accessed in a separate place and only you. Thanks to Google, because this is one step ahead of Apple Photos – with the “hidden album” option, but there’s no way to protect sensitive photos behind any kind of password or touch or face ID.

You can save even if you’re an avid iPhone user, you can still download the free iOS version of Google Photos and take full advantage of its features.

According to Google, we will see this new “locked folder” feature soon on Google Pixel devices, and the rest of Samsung’s Android device lineup will get it later this year.


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