Google requires employees to be vaccinated before returning to the office


Google insists employees are vaccinated before being allowed to return to company offices, CEO Sundar Pichai announced today letter received New York Times.

According to the announcement, Google is one of the first major technology companies to require employees to be vaccinated before returning to work. The news comes as part of a new wave of vaccination demands this week, encouraged by the Biden administration indicate its intention to notify the claim federal workers either to be vaccinated or to test COVID-19 frequently sometime on Thursday.

Google’s vaccination requirements are known to apply to U.S. office workers “in the coming weeks” and other areas “in the coming months” per year NOW.

In addition, Google is delaying the official return to the offices sometime in September October 18, when the Delta transformation of COVID-19 continues its peak in the United States. It’s related to Apple, who also postponed the end of its teleworking policy “at the earliest in October” due to similar COVID concerns.

It’s not clear if other companies like Apple will follow Google’s move here. In an interview CNBC ‘s Josh Lipton yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook commented that “… our main focus right now is on when to return,” noting that “we monitor things on a daily basis to see if this is the right answer or not.”

Update July 28 at 2:45 PM: Added Tim Cook’s comment on vaccination requirements for Apple employees.

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