Google Search app and widget crashing now? Wait until you hear the official fix …


The Google app crashes repeatedly after updating to Android;  This will allow you to officially fix it

That Google search widget you use to find apps or write “NBA playoffs” when you’re too lazy to open your browser? Well, it’s an integral part of the Google app, and if you’re wondering why it constantly crashes when you try to use it all of a sudden – it’s not you, it’s Google.

Google even has a warning about it and lists several official ways to fix search application issues there, as the current bug affects all other connected applications such as Lens, Discover Feed, or Podcasts. Here’s a bucket.

How to fix Google app and search widget crashes

  1. Restart the device, this will fix some search widget issues for some users, including us.
  2. Try the official Google fix: Go to Settings> Apps & notifications> Google Apps> Storage & Cache> Clear Storage> Clear All Data> OK.
  3. Or simply register Google Apps Beta get the latest 12.24 beta that fixes the problem.

Google warns that its own solution “clear some Google Apps settings“so you should”Check the settings if you have changed the default settings“but it adds extra insurance where it’s not usually needed.

Still, if you’ve always wanted to sign up for the beta app, now is the perfect time to try out Google Apps 12.24 and forget about any issues with the Quick Search Box widget.

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