Google TV for Android gets new discovery features and more streaming apps


The Google TV Android app gets new discovery features and support for a few previously unavailable entertainment, news, and live TV apps, including YouTube TV and FuboTV.

The Google TV Android app borrows some discovery tools from Google TV on Chromecast, including several lines of customized recommendations, as well as a “watched” tool already available for the TV experience. To improve recommendations, users can now go to the title information page and select Watched if they have already seen a series or movie that the forum recommends to them.

In addition, the Android app now displays Rotten Tomatoes points on show and movie posters, another useful feature that has been ported from Chromecast to the Google TV experience. The posters themselves will also receive an update in the app with a new 16: 9 widescreen display that has been revamped.

The new apps are now available for Google TV on Android.
Image: Google

Finally, the update brings additional support for several streaming services for Google TV for Android. Discovery Plus, Viki, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids and Boomerang will all migrate to the mobile app with the update, as will other live TV apps like YouTube TV, Philo and FuboTV. Applications can be managed from the Manage Services menu in your account settings.

Despite minor changes, app updates should help with finding and content recommendations for the Android mobile experience. In particular, “viewed” is a useful tool to eradicate goods that you have already seen in your recommendations. And support for a live TV app should be pleasant for wire cutters who want to stream on the go.

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