Google uses Samsung screens in its foldable phone; Production will start in October


Google uses Samsung screens in its foldable phone;  Production will start in October

Rumors about it Google plans to release a folding device, have been around for some time. Now new information about it Samsung manufactures the device’s foldable display. The Korean company will begin mass production of collapsible OLED panels for customers in October.

By SamMobile, Google will use Samsung as the manufacturer of the upcoming foldable device display. A foldable phone can be called Google Pixel Fold, and its screen is 7.6 inches. The technology used is likely to be AMOLED with at least FHD + resolution, while the aspect ratio may be similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which is close to 1: 1.

The foldable Google smartphone is rumored to be released either late this year or early 2022. A foldable phone is also used Samsung’s ultra-thin glass display technology.

Google isn’t the only company to choose Samsung’s folding plans. Xiaomi and Vivo also consider the Korean manufacturer for their own folding devices. According to Korean media, the Vivo comes with an 8-inch screen, while Xiaomi phone are still unknown, but the screen size is certainly similar. Oppo also clings to Samsung screens. The company plans to publish a 7.1inch device with a foldable Samsung panel and a small 1.5-inch outdoor display that is expected to be released in 2022. Previously Oppo worked with BOE and Visionox, among others for the development of their foldable prototypes, but now the company is fully involved in Samsung.

No wonder so many companies are choosing Samsung to make folding screens for their future devices. Samsung has been a leader in the field of folding technology Galaxy Z layout and Galaxy Z Flip series.

Although the company was the first commercial folding machine, Galaxy Fold, there were problems with reliability, newer foldable Samsung models have not received such complaints. Samsung has the most experience in making such complex displays, and as the company is famous for its innovative thinking, we can expect many new technologies to come.

Samsung also has big plans for its own devices. Next The Galaxy Z Flip should be announced in August, with thinner frames and two-tone colors. The next Galaxy Z Fold is also due to be unveiled in August. About a Korean manufacturer working a triple folding device was revealed in a patent just a few days ago. The device can be called the Galaxy Z Fold tab and will be available as early as next year.

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