Google will improve the shopping experience on all platforms, announcing new features


In his annual Google I / O live stream Google has just announced a number of improvements it will bring to the search platform (and others) designed to improve the experience of both merchants and customers in online shopping.

Shopping Graph – a new and improved database

Google is introducing “Shopping Graph,” a newly developed comprehensive set of data backed by artificial intelligence, so shoppers can find exactly what they’re looking for, update in real time, and make sure products are currently available.

A shopping chart can understand and tie together billions of products, vendors, brands, reviews and most importantly, product information and inventory information [received] directly from brands and resellers. “

The shopping chart covers all of Google’s platforms by connecting and inspiring people with things they might be looking for (whether virtual or physical) from what Google claims to be a list of more than 24 billion online merchants. This means you should be able to find what you’re looking for even more easily, and Google is also adding new interactive features to cross-platform interoperability.

Google Photo integrates with Google Lens

For example, Google Lens is integrated Google Images makes it easier to find products online. Instead of displaying an item of interest and forgetting it as soon as you click on the screenshot, Google Lens analyzes it, picks up the objects in the image, and lets you search for them right on the web (if you choose to do so).

Mystery YouTube vamp

Google also teased the new user experience on its YouTube platform, which should make it easier to buy products featured by favorite YouTube developers. Hopefully this alleviates the repetitive death of the phrase “links in the description, guys” (links that are also sometimes overlooked)! Google did not provide additional information, except that the new features are “pilot”.

Instant access to all your shopping carts

We’re also told to expect ecommerce research and product comparison to be infinitely easy with the new widget we see on our Google homepage. We all know the trouble of trying to hell about where a particular product is sold at the cheapest price (like the best new smartphone you may want to upgrade).

With so many stores and ecommerce to review, most of us open a hundred tabs in our browser until we can barely keep track of what’s where.

Soon, every time you open a new tab, the widget in the middle will show the carts on the various sites you’ve purchased in recent weeks. This should make it much easier for you to track your desired purchases or comparable products from different sellers. If you want, you can view the available discounts on your shopping cart icons as well as integrated access to the loyalty programs of your favorite stores.

When your shopping cart is full, Google can send you notifications when product prices drop – of course, only if you select it. Google has also announced a new partnership with Shopify to make your shopping experience easier across all Google platforms: from Google Search to Google Lenses, Google Maps, Google Images, and YouTube.

We will keep you updated as we learn more about some of these changes!


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