Google will officially link the Stadia controller and Chromecast to a $ 100 deal


Google has recently sold a combination package of the Stadia controller and the 2020 Chromecast as a limited time offer. But as you noticed 9to5Google, the company has now made the pair a permanent package, which it calls the “play and watch” package.

For $ 99.99, you get both a controller and a streaming adapter. That’s a $ 19 savings compared to buying both products separately. Google also promotes the Chromecast Ethernet Adapter as a recommended accessory. If you absolutely want the best Stadia experience, it’s probably a smart purchase – and it’s only $ 9.99 ($ ​​10 off) when purchased alongside the package.

In an attempt to empty the stock of the old, disc-shaped Chromecast Ultra, Google lowers it Stadia Premiere Edition package again to $ 79.99. I definitely recommend the newer Chromecast with Google TV, the older one. The streaming experience is much richer and more comprehensive with the newer device. But if you’re definitely using it as a gateway to the Stadium, the $ 79.99 deal might be worth the jump.

Remember that Google’s game streaming service now supports the selected Android TV products as well. So if you have a TV with that software, all you really need to get started with is a Google driver or a compatible third-party Bluetooth game controller.

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