Google will tell you now that you shouldn’t believe its search results!


Google will tell you now that you shouldn’t believe its search results!

Google search tries to keep up with the stories of fast-paced and ever-changing news these days. Getting up-to-date, reliable information is important these days, Google says, and the temptation is to turn around whether you’re learning something through social media or a friend. Google for more information.
In a new blog post published today Google said: “Google search is always there for the most useful results we can provide, (but) sometimes the reliable information you are looking for is not yet online. This can be especially true for news or emerging topics when the information first published may not be the most reliable.”

To combat this, Google says it can detect “when a topic is rapidly evolving and a number of sources have not yet been weighed. In that case, Google adds a notification suggesting that users check back later when more sources have been able to weigh in.”

Last year, Google started including a message when it couldn’t match your search well. The recent About This Result panel allows Google search users to learn more about the sources used in the app and to help them decide if they can trust the answers they receive. Google says, “In addition to these features, our goal is to provide more context for your results so you can more confidently evaluate the information you find online.”

New announcements will begin to be published in English for U.S. users and will be offered in other regions in the coming months.

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