Google’s new guidelines are designed to fix lists of Android apps in the Play Store


In a post published today on the Android Developers Blog, a new guide has been created to allow developers to provide Play Store with the information they need to ensure their apps get the attention of Android users. Images, videos, descriptions, and even the name of the app itself play an important role in determining whether an app stands out among millions of apps and games in more than 190 countries.
Google says, “Google Play is increasingly displaying your assets in the front and center, presenting graphical resources and descriptions directly on Apps and Games Home. , we will notify you in advance of any policy change regarding the application’s metadata and will introduce new rules for the content items of the info page preview. ”

Changes to application metadata limit the name of the application listed in the Play Store to 30 characters. Google also does not want graphic images and text to promote the app’s ranking in the Play Store. For example, an icon that says “number one stock app” is a no-no. Text and graphic elements cannot be used to promote a store, and capitalization is omitted unless it is part of the corporate style design.

There are also new preview features for graphics, screenshots, videos, and short descriptions. Google says it wants to know if the preview tools accurately represent the app or game and provide enough information to help users decide to install the app. Preview reserves cannot use keywords such as “free” or “best,” and must focus on “providing meaningful information” about things that make your app or game unique.

The instructions are valid for the second half of the year. Google says that “Our assets that do not comply with our guidelines may not be eligible for marketing and referrals on major Google Play platforms, such as Apps and Games home.”


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