Google’s new Pixel promo is pretty ironic


Already in March, Google released the video shows how zen things can be when you transfer data from your old phone to the brand new Pixel. The whole process involves transferring the SIM card of your current phone to a new SIM card Pixel phone. After connecting the cable to connect both your current handset and your new Pixel, tap certain prompts on the Pixel screen to start the data transfer process from your current Apple iPhone? now in your possession.
Google retried this type of video advertising last month with another video that once again explained the data transfer process from the iPhone (depicted by a banana) to Pixel. Google said that the transfer of data would take so little time that during the period of completion of the transfer, you can teach yourself how to break a wooden board with a karate chopper.
And today, Google released a new video that teaches you Korean slang, while once you take advantage of your banana and transfer data to the new Pixel. As Google so helpful points out, “As long as you know how to connect a cable, you can’t confuse this.” Some jokes are so subtle that you have to freeze the screen to watch; For example, when Google displays a Pixel user’s Wi-Fi network, it indicates that the name given to it is “WiFi Art Thou Romeo.”

The irony in this video is that the Korean slang part of the video wasn’t made by Google, and someone Renda posted it on YouTube. And guess what! Google doesn’t even sell Pixel in Korea. Maybe it’s time for Google to return to the whiteboard and create a new promotional series to entice consumers to switch to the new Pixel model.


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