Google’s secret plan is to host games on any screen


Apple’s Mac has long been in the video game industry in retrospect, and few think of Google as a gaming company – even though Android is one of the world’s largest gaming platforms. But Google had a plan to change these things in October 2020, specifically according to a confidential 70-page vision document called Games Futures.

The “Need for Information” document that was grabbed the search process when Epic Games sued Apple, it unveils a preliminary five-year plan to create Google’s “world’s largest gaming platform.” Google envisioned introducing game developers to a single place where they can target players on multiple monitors, including Windows and Macs, as well as smart monitors — all combining Google services and an “affordable portable game controller” that players can connect to any device, even a television.

There’s reason to suspect that this document reflects Google’s true direction: “Brought you“ partially funded ”and“ I have a dream ”productions,” the early slide reads. We know that Google lost some of its gaming goals in February, when it decided to pull the plug from its original game studios Google Stadium.

However, a heavily modified document suggests that in order to start this path, Google would first bring “emulated, original, and streamed games” to Windows, which no longer sounds far-fetched: Just in June, Microsoft announced that Android apps are coming to Windows 11, though the Amazon Appstore as the original partner.

If Google is really heading in that direction, you can see what to expect from the 70-page document below. It also includes how Google would try to make its Play Games brand an “indie game target”, bring about 100 “best of Android mobile games” to the PC, require developers to support drivers and multiple platforms, and set minimum prices to attract “super- premium “games platform. Much remains to be done, and it is ambitious.

And if you want more of where it came from, you can find it our entire list of the best emails at Epic v. Apple trial here.

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