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Sure, it’s a bit of a provocative title, but not without merit, I assure you. And we get to everything in good time.

Ace lawyer Capcom’s game series has a fairly rich history, spanning six main games, five spinoffs and two collections over its two decades of existence. And yet, it’s always been the one that got away, if you will, to me.

Whether it’s a budget crisis, a large order backlog, or more compelling titles that had to be played, I’ve always been left without access Ace lawyer activities. Until now, that is.

Chronicles of the Big Ace Lawyer was a great way to get a first taste of this universe, as it apparently comes with the latest game mechanics in the series and dates back to the 19th century – long before the original Ace lawyer trilogy. This meant that spoilers would ruin other games for me. All right, so far.

When I got into the game, I had some idea of ​​what to expect, so I had a few misguided expectations that it was a minute exciting action-adventure roller coaster or that I wouldn’t have to read shares and text messages over the loop, recycled and recycled animation.

I love visual novels and all types of interactive adventures — always on high-budget trips like developer Quantic Dreams Fahrenheit, Heavy rain and Detroit: Become human For the Telltale Games match The throne game, Walking Dead, Batman and more at both Dontnod and Deck Nine’s enchanting Life is weird games Chance Agency criminally underestimated Neo cab -was prepared for anything Chronicles of the Big Ace Lawyer had to offer.

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Out of the way, Chronicles of the Big Ace Lawyer consists of two parts, Adventures and Solve – each containing five long figures. Published in Japan in 2015 and 2017, these details depict Ryunosuke Naruhodo’s journey from an almost reluctant law student in Japan to a reasonably successful international lawyer.

The game drops you into Ryunosuke’s shoes right at the beginning, but it’s not fun back and forth about how he wants to be a lawyer when he’s big. Instead, you get handcuffed and you have to go to court in a Japanese court for the murder of a British professor.

This breathtaking start to the game after a short anime episode showing the setting and era of the game is a great way to start the process. It’s a shame that things are going downhill pretty quickly from now on.

The problems are manifold, so I’ll start with the most obvious and continue the list. The games are intended to give you, the player (that word is instructive), something to do. Unfortunately, a bunch of people at Capcom seem to have forgotten this short because the time periods have really little to do except click a button to move the conversation.

It’s no exaggeration that every figure — which can take up to three and a half hours or so — hardly gives you 12 or 13 things to do. And if they aren’t flown long before you reach them, they’re hidden behind in-game tutorials. I would be careless not to mention that these are usually the most patronizing explanations of game mechanics I’ve seen in a while.

What about those 12 or 13 things make do, I hear you ask. These actions range from the cross-examination of witnesses (choosing a witness statement either to obtain additional information or to contradict evidence) and from jury members playing against each other to correlate evidence together. incorrect deduction or some of the simplest hidden object mini-games on this side for free game trials in mobile ads.

These work at best and outrage at worst in the way the game feels like it has to force you out of hand and do what is needed.

Next, the story and characters. Most chapters start with a short series of animated films that set the scene for the events to follow. And for the most part, the story is appealing and even entertaining at times, but the implementation leaves much to be desired.

Screen capture from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Screen capture from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

The problem with narration is the same as the one I referred to a couple of pieces ago, and that is that the game looks like you, the player, are unable to comprehend information for the first time. And that you need the information that hits your head over and over again. The way the game explains the game mechanics to the characters that revolve around circles to explain the same to you is all very tiring.

Speaking of characters, it’s very rare to find a game that doesn’t have a single character you don’t like. It’s just as rare to find a game that doesn’t have any of the characters you want. Unfortunately, Chronicles of the Big Ace Lawyer manages to achieve this questionable distinction with his annoying, smug, and arrogant characters. The buzzing British detective Herlock Sholmes (a spoon that becomes less and less fun every time you hear it) and Assistant Judge Susato Mikotoba are the worst criminals among this batch. Let’s put it this way: If these characters were real people, I’d either cross the road to never ever run into them or hit them directly in the face.

The fact that anime parts are more fun and tolerable than the actual game is proof that maybe Chronicles of the Big Ace Lawyer should have been a movie instead.

And then dialogue. There is no audio exhibition in addition to the animated scenes, so it all depends a lot on the quality of the word combination on the screen. Someone who doesn’t care about reading pages and code pages that expand the game’s traditions, I don’t care about text-driven games. However, I am disturbed by a poorly designed and clumsily written line disguised as a conversation and my words, Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is full of them.

Screen capture from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Screen capture from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Dialogue is in itself worse, but the use of the heavy hand of racist debate and the very deaf makes it even worse. It takes place in Victorian Britain and the Meiji era in Japan, and the game tries to reflect that period – which is good. After all, many games channel racism, domination and so on.

But somehow, and quite in line with the game’s repetition tactics… and more repetition, the dialogue constantly falls into the dubious mentions of “Nippon” and “Eastern Wizards,” the character is called “dark jinx” and one character throws up even “you Japanese hold together”. And all of this is within the first three chapters. Sensitized, I stopped counting after that. Yes, I realize it was a racist time and the British were the worst of the lot, but this song and dance does little to take the story forward than to disturb and force it to saw the ice age.

Screen capture from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Screen capture from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

The fact that it has been going on for 20 years is sufficient proof that Ace lawyer The franchise has a huge fan following around the world and maybe Chronicles of the Big Ace Lawyer appeals to many people. That is a clear possibility. For my part, however, I can’t recommend this scary excuse for the game to anyone looking for entertainment.

And I really wanted to like this game. I expected a lot more from my introduction to the series I’ve wanted to play for so long. Maybe all games are like this Ace lawyer sets are, maybe not. I can check a few, but I have no hurry to do so. At this point, I’d rather come back again WWE 2K20.

Game revised for PlayStation 4 Pro. Verification code provided by the publisher.


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